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  • 7 Chakra Crystal Orgone Pyramid for Meditational and Energetic Work.


    7 Chakra Crystal Pyramid Description – The 7 Chakra Crystal Pyramid balances and aligns your chakras, promoting holistic well-being. It channels healing energy, enhances spiritual growth, and harmonizes mind, body, and spirit. Ideal for meditation and energy work. 7 Chakra Crystal Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Balances chakras. 2. Enhances spiritual growth. 3. Promotes holistic…

  • Green Jade Crystal Orgone Pyramid for Promoting Luck and Prosperity


    Green Jade Crystal Pyramid Description – The Green Jade Crystal Pyramid channels soothing energy, promoting luck and prosperity. Known for its ability to attract wealth and harmony, it enhances emotional balance and well-being. Ideal for those seeking abundance and inner peace. Green Jade Crystal Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Attracts luck and prosperity. 2. Enhances…

  • Pyrite Pyramid for Growth, Success and Positivity


    Pyrite Pyramid Description – The Pyrite Pyramid radiates prosperity and vitality. Known as a protective stone, it boosts confidence and creativity, attracting success and abundance. Ideal for enhancing motivation and clarity in achieving goals. Pyrite Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Attracts prosperity. 2. Boosts confidence. 3. Enhances creativity. 4. Provides protection.

  • Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid for Love and Emotional Healing


    Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid Description – The Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid emits loving energy, promoting emotional healing and peace. It enhances self-love, compassion, and harmony in relationships. Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere and attracting positive vibes. Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Promotes emotional healing. 2. Enhances self-love. 3. Attracts positive vibes….

  • Sexual Healing Orgone Pyramid for Promoting Physical Healing


    Sexual Healing Orgone Pyramid Description – The Sexual Healing Orgone Pyramid harnesses energy to promote emotional and physical healing. It enhances intimacy, balances energies, and fosters a harmonious connection. Ideal for enhancing relationships and personal well-being. Sexual Healing Orgone Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Promotes emotional healing. 2. Enhances intimacy. 3. Balances energies. 4. Fosters…

  • Vastu Crystal Orgone Pyramid Brown Natural Clear Quartz Point and Copper Coil for Wealth


    Vastu Crystal Pyramid Description – The Vastu Crystal Pyramid attracts wealth and prosperity. It balances energy, amplifies intentions, and enhances clarity. Ideal for boosting financial success and creating a harmonious space. Vastu Crystal Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Attracts wealth. 2. Balances energy. 3. Enhances clarity. 4. Amplifies intentions.

  • Yellow Citrine Orgone Pyramid for Positive Energy and Joy


    Yellow Citrine Pyramid Description – The Yellow Citrine Orgone Pyramid radiates positive energy, attracting abundance and joy. Known for its ability to cleanse and recharge, it promotes clarity and prosperity. Ideal for those seeking to boost their mood and manifest success. Yellow Citrine Pyramid Core Benefits – 1. Attracts abundance. 2. Boosts mood and joy….