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FAQ's About Prashna Kundli

You can connect with the Astrologers through live chat or call. You can ask your first question for FREE. After that, You can choose the package type according to your need.
Our packages starting from ₹299 (Video/Audio Call) for 20 minute. Astrologers charge as per their experiences, both in personal life and their time on the app.

Astrology predictions are basically the analysis of the position of planets and stars and how they move to impact the world and each individual existing there. So the basis of offline and online Astrology predictions is the movement and transits of the planets in the Universe.


Many people have misconceptions that an astrologer can tell them what exactly is going to happen with them in the future or next moment, which is a wrong way to think about astrology. Astrology predictions are based on planetary movements. A planet moves from one house to another, one zodiac sign to another, etc. These moments by plantes can either be good or unfavourable for the native. For example, if say the planet Mercury is camping in a friendly zodiac sign, the outcomes are to be good for the native. Meanwhile, if the mercury is camping in an unfriendly zodiac sign, the outcome can be critical. An astrologer, based on calculations, notes down such shifts and traits and based on the same share with you if your upcoming time would be good or tough. If you think this way, astrology predictions ought to be true. Accurate predictions are possible when you seek to know about things like upcoming shubh muhurats, whether you are manglik or not?, etc.


A good Astrologer is there to solve all your queries and concerns regarding life. So you can ask an Astrologer any question except those that break the sanctity of this spiritual practice. It includes queries related to black magic, death, afterlife, etc.


Astrology has no limits and nor do we. We have so many astrologers on board with whom you can connect and ask questions to. They would help you with all your queries without any time limit intact.


The credibility of Prashna Kundli’s Astrologers can be seen through the reviews and the ratings they get from people like you after their session with them. All our Astrologers are verified for their experience and expertise.